Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP)

ABIP - Feature Image

The New Jersey Broadcasters Association (NJBA) maintains a contract with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to offer the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) to its members FREE* of charge. 

ABIP is a nationwide program designed to assist stations in conducting FCC station inspections performed by an FCC-licensed inspector and former FCC field technician holding an agreement with the NJBA to conduct such inspections.

Stations entering into an agreement with the NJBA agree to have their station inspected within a period of 150 days from the signed date of the ABIP contract between the NJBA and the station operator.  Once a station is found in compliance with all FCC regulations, the FCC will not conduct an inspection, investigation, or audit of the station for a period of 3 years from the date of the Certificate of Compliance issued to the station by the NJBA; however, notwithstanding the following:

  1. “Targeted Tower Safety Inspection” (relative to tower safety issues and limited to the antenna site)
  2. “Complaint Driven Inspection” (any complaint initiated against a station)
  3. Political broadcasting or EEO materials required to be in the station’s public inspection file.

Through ABIP inspections, New Jersey stations have avoided thousands of dollars in potential FCC fines.  Your station can’t afford to NOT get inspected!

Inspection Fees (per call letters): NJBA Member (playing PEP/non-commercial)

NJBA Member (playing PEP spots): $0

If your station is a paid member of NJBA and not in confirmed compliance with NJBA’s reporting affidavit requirements (your station does not air PEP spots), please complete NJBA ABIP Contract, check the applicable inspection type(s), attach your payment payable to NJBA and mail to the New Jersey Broadcasters Association Your station will be billed the applicable Inspector Travel Expenses per mile plus the standard out-of-pocket expenses for tolls and meals following the completion of the NJBA ABIP Inspection.

Inspection Fees (per call letters):  NJBA Member (not playing PEP)

AM Station ($750)
FM Station ($825)
LPTV Station ($850)
TV Station ($950)

Inspection Fees (per call letters):  Non-member

AM Station ($1,300)
FM Station ($1,500)
LPTV Station ($1,550)
TV Station ($1,900)

All questions about the program may be directed to Jordan Walton at (609) 860-0111 or or to NJBA ABIP Inspector Mike Ferriola 

* in order for a FREE ABIP inspection, a station must be a member in good standing and commercial stations must have aired an NJBA PEP campaign in the previous 12 month period.