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NAB releases new "We Are Broadcasters" spots

The National Association of Broadcasters has released new We Are Broadcasters spots that focus on the enduring value of local broadcasting.

The spots offer an opportunity to remind policymakers that local broadcasting is an ever-evolving medium with an enduring legacy.

The spot juxtaposes history with the present day to showcase how local broadcasting is continuously innovating for the new ways people consume information. Local broadcasting has staying power, delivering audiences trusted information in convenient, modern and familiar ways.

For over a century, local television and radio stations have provided the most trusted news and information to viewers and listeners, evolving with the needs of communities. Let’s remind policymakers – and our audiences – that local broadcasting is here to stay.

English and Spanish-language radio and television spots are available for download now and can be broadcast immediately.  You do not have to be an NAB member to access these spots.

Please note that these are not NCSA/PEP spots.

Download spots here

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